Therapeutic Services

A dedicated treatment team works together with the physician, patient, family and payor to provide an individualized, outcome oriented plan of care. The team meets weekly to update the plan to continually challenge the individual and promote further recovery.

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Our occupational therapy options are designed to address impairments in performing daily living and leisure activities including time management, organizational skills, meal preparation, driving skills and other life skills necessary for improving our patients lives.

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We help coordinate the discharge planning process and aftercare needs for our patients. These conversations start day one, so that the our patients, their family and treatment team can be focused on outcomes.

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Our speech-language pathology services address, impairments in speech/communication disorders, impairment in cognitive abilities such as memory and problem solving as well as impairments in swallowing and audiological problems.

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Our physical therapy services are designed to address impairments of static postures and physiological responses to movement including measurement of posture, locomotion, strength, endurance, balance and more.

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Better Care


Experienced, dedicated medical staff who care about your success and well-being.

Cutting Edge Technology

Cutting-edge technology that enhances and furthers patient evaluation, treatment, and outcomes.


Patient and family education so you are better informed.

Treatment Options

Personalized treatment plans designed to meet our patients needs.